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This is the ALDC LA Wiki! Which based on the hit tv show Dance Moms that started back in 2011. back in Pittsburgh PA. The show is about a group of ''moms'' and their daughters. the latter performing in the world of young competitive dancers as instruced by the dance teacher Abby Lee Miller. The TV Show was first filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the Abby Lee Dance Company. Until the fifth season of Dance Moms, where the studio was relocated to Los Angeles, California. The Show is produced by Collins Avenue Productions. and broadcast by Lifetime Television. The Show was first flimed on July 13, 2011 for seven seasons of Dance Moms. before ending on November 7, 2017. The Number of episodes: 221 The Number of Seasons: 7 Premiere: July 13,2011 Last Final Episode: November 7, 2017 Contents 1.Episode Guide 2.Cast Members 3.About 4. The Origins of the show 5. The Pyramid 6. Ratings of the show 7. Critics about the show 8. More Information 9. Wins and Nominations 10. Related TV Shows 11. External Links 12. References Episode Guide Click here to view the Episode Guide of Dance Moms Cast Click this link here to view the cast of Dance Moms Click here to view the list of cast appearances click the link About: The Abby Lee Dance Company is owned and runned by the demanding,notoriously Abby Lee Miller. ''Dance Moms'' is following talented young dancers following their early footsteps. and their doting mothers who are at the dance studio for every rehersal, performance and bow.... under the discerning eye of the main leader Abby Lee. It presents a very powerful cast of characters to raise a eyebrows, the series immerses itself in the goods and bads of the competition. And it also contains burtal fights with Abby about special parts and being the favorite. Origins of show. The show was for a request by Lifetime's Gena McCarthy for a show that is similar to Bridezillas( with Collin's friend Rob Sharenow, also on Lifetime Being a network for women, Collins was also interested in a show featuring mother-daughter moments. Bryan Stinson, (Collin's best friend) who had also joined Collins Avenue Productions had been tossing around the idea of the show like Dance Moms along with John Corella, who has been Abby's longtime best friend up until this time. Corella suggested Abby to the other producers.